Leadership Team

The ICE Australia leadership team brings decades of specialist experience and a history of success to the business. They are actively involved in setting and managing the strategic direction for clients and combine business acumen with industry knowledge and extensive networks to meet long term event and conferences goals.

They are supported by a proficient and energetic planning and operations team.

  • Raquel


    About Raquel

    Raquel is a Director of ICE Pty Ltd. In her role, Raquel is responsible for ICE Australia’s global business operations and strategic growth strategy.

    Raquel is a seasoned executive with experience in general management, legal, finance, and human resources. Raquel has over eleven years experience in the PCO industry.

    Raquel is passionate about professional training and development and teaches Public Relations for Events at the Fitzwilliam Institute Group

    Raquel holds a Degree in Business: International Business, and a MBA in Strategic Management and Project Management.

  • Daryll



    About Daryll

    Daryll is Co-Founder of ICE Pty Ltd and a Director. In his role Daryll leads ICE Australia’s Senior Management team by driving strategy and capability development.

    Prior to this role Daryll was the Financial Director of ICE Pty Ltd and consulted on its strategic direction since its inception in 1992.

    Daryll brings to the company experience as an entrepreneur and chief executive of a broad range of businesses, including banking, and manufacturing. Daryll has spent 24 years in the conference arena and grew ICE Australia from a small business operation to a robust national company and industry leader.

    In addition to this leadership experience, his background in running and owning large and medium sized companies, and business ventures provide him with extensive experience in reviewing and analysing business opportunities, acquisitions, social awareness, tax, government relations, as well as corporate governance and sustainability.

    Daryll holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Cape Town.

  • Andrea


    General Manager of Operations

    About Andrea

    Andrea has been with ICE Australia for over 8 years, with 10 years previous experience in the healthcare sector. Having managed numerous medium to large scale conferences and exhibitions at ICE Australia, she currently heads up the Operations Team providing training and development, mentoring and strategic direction to deliver outstanding events.

    A valued member of the Management Team, Andrea is also a Mentor on a number of events, responsible for contract and financial management, critical negotiations and driving innovations to exceed client targets and expectations.

    Andrea’s driving force is developing outstanding client relationships, and has played an integral role in ICE Australia’s several repeat business successes.

    When Andrea is not busy crunching budget numbers she likes to treat herself to good food with a glass of red wine.

  • Kerry


    Strategy Consultant

    About Kerry

    Kerry joined ICE Australia in 2005 bringing with her extensive sales and event management experience from a range of industries including finance, media, recruitment and entertainment. Kerry’s innovative and strategic approach provides the team at ICE Australia with an abundance of strategies and solutions to further enhance ICE Australia’s client experience.

    Throughout her time at ICE Australia, Kerry has been instrumental in the expansion of ICE Australia from a single state office in Sydney to a national presence across Australia. “Providing local support to our clients is extremely important, we know the hot spots of the area, have fantastic relationships with local suppliers and our clients are the ones who benefit most”.

    “It is my aim to provide our clients at ICE Australia with an exceptional experience throughout the planning and management lifecycle of their Conference. We see our role not as just a PCO managing the logistics of an event but rather partnering with our clients to build a legacy they can build on each year”.

    In her spare time Kerry enjoys the arts and reading on her iPad mini.

  • Kayla


    Business Development Manager

    About Kayla

    Kayla hails from Adelaide but is currently based in Sydney. Having completed courses in Digital Photography and Digital Strategies, Kayla has a genuine passion for the creative industries and is inspired by different methods of communication. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication from the University of South Australia and over 8 years experience in the customer service industry, Kayla brings her consumer relations knowledge to the ICE team.

    Kayla spends her weekends exploring restaurants and markets around her new Sydney neighbourhood.

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