Partnership & Exhibition

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Partnership and exhibition support is a two way medium designed to create a relationship between partners and exhibitors and their target markets. ICE Australia concentrates on creating and maintaining strong objective-orientated partnerships and building a solid foundation between the partner and the event. ICE Australia is mindful of looking after partners and exhibitors as they are the foundation of the Conference income.

  • Contact and Confirm Partners

  • Maximise all possible opportunities for ANZFSS

  • Ongoing Liaison with Partners

  • Secure Partnership for Subsequent Events

  • Online Exhibition Management

  • Prepare Exhibitor Information Pack

  • Online Partnership Management

  • Negotiate and Prepare Contracts

  • Collect Partner and Exhibitor Fees

  • Allocate Booths and send Final Instructions

  • Manage all Freight being Delivered

  • Liaise with Venue regarding Exhibition

  • Manage the Exhibition Onsite

  • Liaise with Exhibition Setup Suppliers