Project Description

Event Information

Event Name: Poultry Information Exchange and Australasian Milling Conference 2018
Date: Sunday, 3 – Tuesday, 5 June 2018
Location: Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast, QLD
Event Website:

Event Statistics

Conference Delegates: 1,597
Exhibition Booths: 249
Sponsors: 82
Streams: 6
Speakers: 55

Event Summary

This Conference was the 4th time PIX and AMC have combined and the 28th time PIX has been held, celebrating 50 years.

This is the second conference managed by ICE. The biennial conferences are usually held in Gold Coast at the Convention and Exhibition Centre due to the large contingent of QLD attendees coupled with the charm of the Gold Coast.

ICE was involved in all elements of the conference, including the sourcing and contracting of the conference venue. The exception was some of the dinner entertainment and theming were sourced by the Committee as this was their preference. ICE was responsible for sourcing other supplier quotes and managed the conference budget, with an updated copy presented to the client on a monthly basis. The client paid the venue and exhibition invoices directly.

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